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PTG 929FN Paint Gauge, Paint Meter, Coating Thickness Gauge with External Probe

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PTG 929FN Paint Gauge, Paint Meter, Coating Thickness Gauge WIth External Probe
PTG 929FN Paint Gauge, Paint Meter, Coating Thickness Gauge WIth External Probe
PTG 929FN Paint Gauge, Paint Meter, Coating Thickness Gauge WIth External Probe

Distributor of Coating, Paint Mil Thickness Gages, Gauges, Meters, Testers & Non-Destructive Testing Systems

PTG 929FN Paint Gauge is an affordable solution for all Coating Thickness Measurement needs. External cable probe allows measurement of coatings in a difficult to access inspection points, where standard Paint Gauges cannot be used. With 5% accuracy and a 0.1 mil resolution, PTG 929FN Coating Thickness Gauge is capable of meeting the requirements of most commercial lacquer, paint and coating measurement applications on non-magnetic coatings ferrous and non-conductive coatings on non-ferrous substrates and structures. Testing performance is both non-destructive and accurate. All measurements displayed up to 2 decimal points with a resolution of 0.1 Mil and measurement accuracy of 5%.


This instrument uses Magnetic Induction Principal and Eddy-Current measuring thickness methods. PTG 900FN Paint Thickness Meter is capable of measuring thickness of non-magnetic coatings (such as aluminum, chrome, copper, enamel, plastic, rubber and oil paint) on the Ferro-Magnetic metal substrates (such as steel, iron, alloy and rigid magnetic steel) and the thickness of non-magnetic coatings (such as enamel, rubber, oil paint and plastic) on the non-magnetic metal substrates (such as copper, aluminum, zinc and tin). 5% measurement accuracy, excellent performance, good stability and easy operation. PTG 929FN Paint Thickness Gauge, Paint Meter is widely used for quality control in manufacturing, metal processing industry, chemical industry and merchandise testing field.      






External Fe-Probe:

Measurement on Steel

External NFe-Probe:

Measurements on Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Zinc, etc.


0.0 to 50 mils (0 to 1250 m)


0-99.9m: 0.05 mils (1 m ) | over 100m: 0.1 mils (2 m )


0.1 mils + 5% ( 2.5 m + 5%) of readings

Temperature range:


-10C to 60C (14F to 140 F)



 0 C to 60 C (32 F to 140 F)

Power Supply:

Battery: 1 x 9V Alkaline


4.9" x 2.9" x 1.3" in. (125 mm x 74 mm x 33 mm)


9.8 oz. (280 g) with battery





  • Powder Coaters

  • Paint Suppliers

  • Commercial Paint Applicators

  • Coating Inspectors

  • Painting Contractors

  • Resellers and more...





  • Measures coatings on ANY METAL including steel, aluminum

  • Manual selection of measurement modes for ferrous Fe and non-ferrous NFe materials

  • Automatic and manual SHUT-OFF switching

  • Factory calibrated and ready for use. Measures precisely right out of the box

  • Manual Calibration option is available for specific applications

  • ZERO set feature for non-standard surfaces

  • RESET to factory settings feature when no zero reference is available

  • Durable, wear resistant probe


  • Durable quality construction

  • Fast and accurate measurements

  • Simple operation: ZERO calibration required

  • Mils/Microns selectable. Displays readings in Metric (μm) or Imperial units (mil)

  • Pocket-sized for comfortable operation

  • Supplied with a set of plastic test shims

  • Works with a two AA batteries





  • External Fe / NFe probe for measurements of coatings on ANY METAL

  • Plastic test shims and 2 reference calibration plates (steel and aluminum)

  • Hard shell plastic storage case

  • 2 AAA alkaline batteries

  • Instruction manual

  • 1  Year Replacement Warranty





  • Covered by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Policy and a 1 Year Manufacturer's Replacement Warranty

30 Day Money Back Guarantee





PTG 929FN Instruction Manual







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